Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Gardenia Residency Lucknow Becomes a Hot Investment in City

Paarth Infrabuild is a major name which has recently sprung up in the Lucknow realty industry; the major projects by the developer being Paarth Republic, Paarth NU, Paarth Arka and Paarth Aadyant. The Township named Paarth Republic is going to contain 7 major divisions within itself, which include names like Goldfinch State, Canary State, Falcon State, Greenshank State, Humming State, Starling State & Pelican State. Further within Goldfinch State is located a small low rise residency named Gardenia Residency which are going to offer G + 4 floors tall residences to its potential buyers. The project is going to offer premium finished residential spaces which will have a lot of facilities on offer. Gardenia Residency Lucknow will be located near to the main entrance of Paarth Republic, thus allowing an easy access for its residents.

The development is clearly going to offer large accommodations which will easily accommodate families big and small. The development is also going to offer ample privacy to the residents by offering independent floors to its residents. The destination will become an ideal home for those who want independence from their residential abodes. The development is going to have the best in category room sizes along with a variety of features which will enhance the standard of living of the residents. Those living in a joint family will surely respect what Gardenia Residency Lucknow Kanpur Road has to offer. So, if you find Lucknow interesting and appealing, go ahead and invest into this premium township

Gardenia Residency Lucknow


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